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5 Reasons To Have Professional Makeup Done For Your Session / Northern Colorado Senior Photographer

Another one of those MOST asked questions I get from clients is…. “DO I really need professional makeup for my portraits”?

My answer is simple. The short…. YES! Don’t get me wrong I am ALL about being you. Being true to yourself and authentic. If you aren’t a makeup wearing kind of gal, I support you 100%. My philosophy is this… I want you to look and feel your best the day of your session so you walk away with beautiful timeless images of YOU. And sometimes that means a little behind the scenes attention.

Here are 5 reasons to consider Professional makeup for your session.

1. No makeup = Washed out and dull skin

There is nothing wrong with the no makeup all-natural look. But no makeup in photos will leave you looking washed out and lacking in your images. You will be surprised at what a small about of eye, cheek and lip color will do in your photos. You will look ALIVE and fresh and everyone loves that boost in self esteem. Look great feel great! And that will shine through in your photos!

2. Professional grade products that last

Not all makeup looks good on film/digital. Makeup Artist use the best products and technique to ensure your look is smooth, consistent, natural and holds up the entire shoot. That’s why I leave it to the professionals!

3. Matching skin tones

Nothing is harder to edit then an orange face that doesn’t match the rest of your skin. Uneven color and unblended foundation may cost you more money in the long run because this means extra editing of your portraits. Our artist matches and blends color pallets to match your perfect skin tones for an optimal natural look. Red blotchy skin and breakouts can all become invisible and MUCH easier to fix in post edit.

4. Enhancing you NOT taking away

Industry professionals study tricks and techniques to emphasize a person’s best features while disguising less flattering ones. She will not alter, change or do anything that will make you look like someone other than who you are. I Promise!

All the seniors below chose a natural and fresh look.

5. Stress FREE and she comes to you

There is already a lot to think about and prepare for your session. Why not make it easy and pamper yourself a bit, let the Pro take over. And the best part is, she comes to you, in the comfort of your home.

In short there is a way to achieve a flawless, natural and fresh look without a heavy amount of makeup or over done.


Leave it to the pros!


Once you book your session and date, my Makeup Artist will call you to discuss the details. You will have a quick consultation.

She will ask you…

What colors you will be wearing

What over all look do you want. Natural and fresh or a high fashion look.

Have your skin cleaned and moisturized.

A few hours before your session she will arrive, set up and get to work. She makes sure you have time to make any last-minute changes if needed. Application typically takes a little over an hour depending on the look you want.


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