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Johnstown Colorado Family Photographer / What Is A Newborn In Home Lifestyle Session? - Johnstown Co

I am so excited to finally get around to writing this article because Lifestyle sessions are something I am super passionate about! I get asked the question a lot, “What is a Newborn Lifestyle session”. I specialize in Newborn In Home Lifestyle Sessions because it is such a beautiful and unique way to capture and document those first days of your little ones life. It’s telling your story and celebrating this exciting chapter in your family in the comfort of your home. Its documenting the details of the nursery and capturing the interaction and bond between the family.

I first got interested in documented sessions when my own daughters as teenagers loved going through their baby photo album and seeing their life captured in photos. They love the images of what their nursery looked like and all the small details of their first room. I loved hearing them say, “Hey I still have that blanket”. And “Wow, Dad, you were so young!”

Something really cool happens when our children look through images of them and see just how much they were loved and valued.

Here is a peek into the Ross family and their sweet baby girl Brinley. Kacey and Megan wanted to document the details of the nursery as well as the three of them snuggling and playing. Brinley’s nursery was decorated so cute with soft pastel colors and filled with loving inspirational quotes on her walls.

I Love these adorable images of Mommy, Daddy and Brinley sharing quiet moments together.

One thing I always ask my clients is if they have any thing with special meaning that they would like to incorporate in the session. Megan wanted to have a few images of Brinley in the same bassinet she used as a baby, wearing a dress from Grandma.

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